Dungeon Fantasy: Frontiers

Session 2

Oh my airship is right over there

Having found the airship and dispatched the first few groups of goblins without much issue, the run-in with ducks proved confounding to the adventurers! Recovering their war priest, they continued over the castle via the skills of Max Keller and managed to work their way through to the airship. It is here that the ducks unleashed a hidden power and shot laser beams from their bills! Two of the ducks also had some peculiar technology at their disposal, piloting large metal constructs that may be powered by steam! One fell soon enough and exploded below the airship, causing a mooring tower from the castle to completely collapse. The duck in the other power suit surrendered soon enough, and with that, they regained control of their airship!


  • An airship
  • Miscellaneous sundries and other lootables
  • Duck coinage
  • Duck contraband tobacco – were these ducks smugglers!?

The Next Step

  • The prisoner duck has entered into parley with the party, asking them to spare his life if he revealed the location of the duck smuggling hideout which they had originally come from. Be warned, they are well armed and armored!


aldantefax aldantefax

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