Fortress Creation


A Fortress is defined by its constituents and how it is set up. After character creation is completed, players will have the opportunity to review potential settlement sites in detail and figure out where they will begin their adventure in the deep wilderness. Aside from what they have with them, the only people who accompany the players are settlers with no combat ability and only one or two skills worth mentioning.

At its core, a fortress is supposed to provide a place for the adventurers to rest and regroup. It functions as a hopefully-permanent home for the group and also a fixture in the world which mirrors the progress and accomplishments of the players as time goes on.

Preparing for the Journey – Carefully

  • $2000 in “Fortress Money” used for purchasing any essentials and materials for the fortress and its denizens.
  • 6 NPCs – 1 engineer, 1 farmer, 1 administrator, 1 blacksmith, 1 cook/brewer, 1 peasant
  • Players can spend 5 CP to upgrade one of the people listed above to a higher skill total.
  • Under Construction

Your First Fortress

Creating a fortress is no easy task. Engineers which accompany the party will be able to delve basic fortifications – players will be responsible for locating and harvesting some of the basic resources required. The primary resources which all settlements require are as follows:

  • Wood
  • Potable Water
  • Food

Settlers in this world are quite hardy and can survive without amenities that civilization would consider to be proper – clothing, for example, in the exceptions of what can be harvested from animal carcasses, is thought to be a luxury at best. In temperate areas settlers may opt to not seek new clothing, preferring to go naked! However, wood is necessary for fire and construction, and the essential elements necessary for life and hygiene are required as well.

Once an effective site is located and supply has been firmly established, then the question comes about of how to defend and fortify the settlement. With the discovery of new and exotic resources, the settlement will eventually take shape and be able to defend itself even when the players are away!

Fortress Creation

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