Mission Board

Missions are categorized into two types of classifications – difficulty rank (advised for characters at a certain set of milestones or having certain equipment), and story arc.

Difficulty ranks are assigned in the classic grading format from E to SSS, as outlined below.

Grade Abstract Difficulty
E Very Easy – entry level mission
D Easy – Menial task, minor risk
C Moderate – Average mission, average risk, high survival rate
B Hard – Unexpected circumstances or serious hazards, high risk, medium survival rate
A Very Hard – Extreme circumstances/hazards, very high risk, low survival rate

In addition to the standard ranks listed above, there are several “Clearance-Only” missions which must be granted by (TBD). Rather than a difficulty, all of the following grades are reserved for missions that if failed carry a risk of dire consequences for the surrounding local, regional, or continental area. Only characters of a high enough point total are eligible for these missions.

Special Grade Abstract Explanation
S Major local threat
SS Major regional threat
SSS Major continent-spanning threat
SSS+ Global or reality-breaking threat

Creating Missions Suitable for Play

While the GM can be reasonably be expected to make missions, it is only natural in a more open world game such as this one that players can nominate plot threads and other interesting tidbits they find interesting for Missions. These could amount to a developing storyline, diversion or sidequest that people will hopefully enjoy (and also signal the GM to design an adventure based around that seed).

Creating a mission is simple – come up with a name of the mission and a one paragraph summary with potential hooks and other things that will help the GM and get other players excited about the mission itself! Approval of a mission submission yields 2CP as a bonus for contributing to the game.

The Gizmoduck

Submitted by Foo. After encountering ducks with lasers shooting out of their beaks, one important question was raised – what in the fuck? Where would ducks get that ability? A bit of asking around led to mention of The Gizmoduck, a very intelligent duck who loved to tinker with technology. Somewhere along the way he developed a massive personality defect. Either way, hunting down a mad inventor who is also a duck promises to be both dangerous and lucrative.

Destroy the Spirit of Motherduck

Submitted by TOM. Duck pirate arms fortress Spirit of Motherduck has begun an unstoppable advance on the capitol.

Cave of Danger

Legend has it that the Watchers at the Edge of Time created a special proving ground to see if there are those among the mortals of this world that would be worthy to be inducted into the Watchers. While nobody knows if that legend is actually true or not, there is a certain Cave in a remote place of the world that civilization has yet to reach in this Age. Time and space work differently in the Cave, but survivors claim to have retrieved fabulous treasures and sights beyond their imaginations…

Assault on Death Mountain

One of the Fortresses of Evil in the world, the forces of good have long wanted to see one of the mainstays of monster generation and overall darkness eradicated. Outlandish rewards have bene offered but retracted as the nigh-impenetrable fortress on Death Mountain saw fit to root out and destroy anybody harboring good intentions in their hearts, but the forces of light have come up with a ‘grey’ solution – contract Adventurers who are out for just the loot have no good in their heart at all to find the Power Cores sustaining Death Mountain – and destroy them!

The Crucible

It is said that one of the greatest artisans and workers of metal in the world are none other than the dwarves. Even among their superior craft, they speak in hushed, reverent tones of the place that was lost, their version of Atlantis; the Crucible. Thought lost in the Cataclysm, recent research has uncovered the potential location of the Crucible which has arisen after ten thousand years. What fabulous treasures and mysteries await?

Castle in the Clouds

Submitted by Winson Cruising along in the airship, the group spots an ancient floating castle with a lot of cloud cover built around it as it drags great chains that once moored it to something or somewhere. It turns out the castle is an ancient wonder of a forgotten age, and is largely a ruin because of its ancient status. Goblins and worse have infested it, but since the castle drifts they were unable to escape! What wonders are within, and what perils are there from goblins who have been eating only seagulls for months?

Mission Board

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