Hello! This is the OP page for Dungeon Fantasy: Frontiers, a live game currently in planning for the Something Awful Traditional Games community.


With a recent rise in popularity of games based on creation and exploration on Something Awful (deity/civilization games et cetera) and a couple of experiments ran personally both in a live and a play by post setting, I have derived a few things:

  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is fun
    * Dwarf Fortress is pretty fun too but frustrating
  • I am terrible at committing to a play by post game as a player or GM

After thinking on the situation for awhile I had determined that the granularity of Dwarf Fortress would be a little too extreme for book keeping when put up against the abstraction and lack of certain fortress-administration skills required in Dungeon Fantasy (due to its specialized set of GURPS rules). With the format originally tested in Fantasycraft, it was generally well received, however due to scheduling concerns that particular campaign did not continue.

Getting Started

The following books are required in order to play GURPS Dungeon Fantasy:

  • GURPS, 4th Edition – Characters
  • GURPS, 4th Edition – Campaigns
  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1, 3

Not actually required but nice to have:

  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2, 4-
  • Pyramid issues which detail two new Archetype Templates, the Mystic Knight and the Justicar.
    • These do require GURPS Power Up: Imbuements.

Key Game Concepts

  • Genres: Vehicular Intrigue, Sword and Sorcery, and Traditional Fantasy.
    • Vehicular Intrigue – a very loose description for situations which deal primarily with the zen art of sea-and-air worthy conveyance maintenance.
    • Sword and Sorcery – A low magic world with minimal healing means that players and NPCs will tend to act more realistically pragmatically in situations and actually debate whether or not they should fight or flee. Unless someone rolls a cleric of some kind. Then it’s
    • Traditional Fantasy – Elves and dwarves and all sorts of crap like that. Didn’t Tolkien write some books about the topic?
  • Flavor of the Game?: Exploration, City building, Site/Mission-based Quests.
    • Exploration – A personal favorite and recurring theme, exploring new things and figuring out how the world works are my main draws. Fantastical people, places, and things are the name of the game, helping to bring hopefully a certain sense of wonder of the world at large.
    • Site/Mission Based Quests – What is a Dungeon Fantasy game without dungeons to run around in? In addition to exploration and the promise of loot, fame, and doom, each time a party completes a Mission they will be eligible for a reward which is beneficial both to them and their settlement in a usually-tangible way. As an example, defeating a Wizard in his tower can yield manuals of command and the secrets to making Golem servants, or searching for a rumored legendary smithy in order to create superior armaments and devices that help improve the safety of the fortress.
  • (deprecated) Civilization Building – The initial premise of the game is that the players are trying to make a living out in the wilderness beyond the reaches of all but the hardiest civilizations. Being somewhat loosely responsible for building their fortress up, they start out with a base of operations and run missions in order to help bulk up their outpost. Perhaps if they wanted to raise an army they could turn it into a proper fortress, or maybe a metropolitan city if they wanted to increase cultural influence on the area.

Legal Information, Etc.

I am bad with this stuff, so:

All assets such as images, text, and any other multimedia presented on this wiki are the property of their respective creators. If there is an issue with something on this space, please contact me (the GM) and I will update the space in a timely fashion in order to avoid disputes (proper attribution, removing content at request of copyright holder, and so forth). I use all resources taken from the internet without malice or intent to cause offense or controversy. Any resources explicitly created for this campaign are free to use and modify.

Dungeon Fantasy: Frontiers

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